Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hullo everyone!

I haven't updated in a couple of months, and I thought I'd apprise all of you on the situation.

I've been really sick, to the point where working on 40K stuff has been until recently impossible. Added on to that the fact that I can't have a job, and my funding for the game has dried up! For now anyway.

So here's the plan; I'm going to remain on hiatus, until the new Imperial Guard codex is released. I plan on the army being Valkyerie heavy, but seeing as doctrines are apparently gone, I'm going to need to see how this works out!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm not dead yet!

Although I could have picked a better time to start the blog! I'm buried in finals, publishing contracts, and tons of other stuff! I will be back sometime this weekend though folks!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Test Batch

As promised (and thankfully, on time!) I give you the first squad I completed. This is purely a test batch, so you'll notice things like mold lines, bits of chaff on un-painted models, and very rough filing in places. I normally wouldn't allow such things, but as I said, this unit is being used purely for pallete testing and to try some stuff out. I welcome criticism wholeheartedly, and any hints and tips you might have are appreciated!

The Squad Sergeant, Armed with a Breaching Shotgun to Blast Open Doors, and an advanced optical helmet (I imagine this being similar to the HUDs on some squad leaders Future Force Warrior Systems currently being tested by the U.S. Army)

The Squad Medic, Rear View
The Medic, with the HUCEF's Regimental Number

The Medic. I made the Cable From Greenstuff. In the actual army, they'll be made from guitar wire

The Flamethrower Operator. I imagine that he sticks the nozzle into doorways after the breach man blasts the door open. Its made from a standard guard flamer, witht the fron end cut off. I then attached another flamer nozzle (in this case, from a space marine flamer) to the base of the weapon to give it a compact look. He's also wearing a gas mask to protect himself from the fumes!

A better view of the compact flamer. This is the simplest conversion in the army, but my favoirte.

The First Test model. You'll notice the shor-barreled lasgun, and the elbow and kneepads.

The Heavy Weapons Team. I wanted it too look like the Rocket Launcher was a rarely used weapon, wielded by normal riflemen in the squad.

I shortened the rocket tube and lasgun, added a handle and trigger to the rocket tube, and some other conversions which should be fairly obvious. You'll notice that all imperial insignia has been removed from the troopers and their helmets have been severely trimmed down.

Another view of the medic. I don't know why he's carrying to guns.

The Baneblade being supported by the infantry!

The baneblade is actually the least converted thing in the army. I trimmed down the heavy stubber to look sleeker and thats it. I was hesitant to potentially ruin a $90 model!

The Vox Operators vox. I wanted it to look more stripped down and compact than the average guardsman's.

Like the other members of the HUCEF, this man is a rifleman first and specialist second.

Probably the cleanest looking model in the army. Conversions include: Lasgun shortened barrel and shortened scope and power pack removed, helmet trimed smoothe, backpack added, insignia removed, elbow and kneepads added, and a backpack

The squad sniper was fairly complicated. It features a lasgun with its barrel, scope, and upper half removed. I then cut down a space marine bolter scope and added it. for the barrel, i used an extra antenna from a vox, trimmed it down, attached it with greenstuff. Finally, i added the barrel to the end to make a long las. The head is from the baneblade kit. I thought the bionic eye fit the sniper.


Due to unforeseen Camera issues (namely, a battery pack being completely degraded) I won't be able to get any pics up at the moment. I do promise that there will be some up by the end of the weekend, perhaps late tonight if I'm lucky.

Until then, I give to you a bit of background info to help everyone get a feel for the Regiment. I think this is critical as they're completely home made, and thus have no place in official canon. This particular battle highlights the HUCEF's strengths, weaknesses, and is a somewhat typical mission for them. Enjoy!

Operation Silverback: 368.M41

In 359.M41, rebellion erupted on Argos IV in the wake of decades of famine and brutal tithes placed upon the planet by the Administratum. A punitive expedition launched to the world was easily crushed by the world’s orbital defenses, and the planet remained in open rebellion and independent for nearly a decade, neglected by the Imperial military in light of more pressing situations.

In 368.M41 a company of the Adeptus Astartes White Consuls assaulted the planet. All contact with the company was lost, and within the month 8 regiments of Imperial Guard were in the system to finally crush the rebellion and investigate the disappearance of the Astartes. Upon establishing orbital superiority, the task force received a heavily encrypted message; a squad of Consuls had survived and were holed up in a manufacotrium in Argos IV’s capital, under constant assault and nearly out of supplies. It was also revealed that they were also holding intelligence recovered on the surface about other potential rebellions spreading from Argos, which, if true, could mean that the entire sector may soon descent into open warfare.

The task force’s commander, Lord General Horatio Mandala, ordered the 175th Jossary Heavy Urban Combat Expiditionary Force (HUCEF) to assault the capital, relieve the Astartes, and recover the intelligence before it could fall into enemy hands. The assault would come in three waves; half of HUCEF would deploy from Valkyries in the Astartes Vicinity. They would secure the intel and gather information on the city and immediate area. The second half of HUCEF would then assault the city with a mechanized column to open the city’s defenses and capture vital objectives, including bridges, the city space port, and communications relay stations. The main assault would then follow this, hopefully conquering the city in short order.

The mission immediately went awry. Numerous aircraft were shot down on their approach to their drop zones, leaving small units of survivors isolated across the city. A single company was able to deploy on the objective, and were immediately assaulted by a well-coordinated enemy counter attack. The situation worsened as word was received that the armored column’s transports had bogged down in the swamps outside of the city, and would take longer to reach them than had been expected. Electrical storms also broke over the city, making orbital support and long-range communications impossible. Valkyrie and Vulture pilots braved Rocket and Flak attacks to rescue survivors and make suicidal runs on incoming enemy armor units, and by nightfall the survivors had managed to regroup in and around the factory the Astartes had been using.

For six days the survivors defended each city block and weathered constant artillery barrages and assaults, turning them back with bravery and skill that impressed even the White Consuls. By week’s end barely a platoon had survived, and prepared to defend an Arbites block house to the last man. This was not needed, however, as the armored column finally broke out of the mire and assaulted the city, brutally slaughtering any rebel they found. By the time the storms broke and the full assault was commenced, HUCEF had already conquered the governor’s palace and executed the instigators. After the subjugation of the city, the rest of the world rapidly fell in line and the rebellion had been stamped out after less than a year of mopping up.

For their part in the battle, HUCEF 175 received the meritorious unit citation and a personal commendation from the White Consuls. 4 Macharian crosses were awarded along with hundreds of Medallion crimsons and distinguished service ribbons. For their sacrifice, B, K, and J companies, who had made the initial airborne assault, were each awarded the Order of the Emperor, a feat that has scarcely been matched in the history of the Imperial Guard.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In the Beginning...

My name is Brandon Black, aka Krieger Haggoroth. I've been an avid marine player for almost 10 years now, building a number of loyalist and chaos armies. Well Now I've decided to go back to my roots, and build an Imperial Guard army from the ground up. The IG were my first army at the tender age of 12-ish, and for over a year they took me to multiple victories, both at home with friends and at the occassional store event. I eventually sold them, and have had that feeling of nostalgia ever since.

The army is going to be a combined arms force, based off of multiple elite force recon units from the world today. As far as the actual army, I plan on making a single $250 purchase that will include a number of things, as well as a couple of boxes I've had laying around and not done anything with yet.

Pics of the first complete unit (well, fully converted, anyway), should be up sometime tomorrow.

A Little Bit of Information

-The army is going to be called the "175th Jossary Heavy Urban Combat Expiditionary Force (HUCEF)" and will be (background wise) a semi-autonomous combined arms recon force.
-The army will be based around elite guardsman units supported by light, heavy, and super-heavy vehicles equipped for specific roles.
-Aesthetically, I want individual models to look kitted out and individualised, as befits an elite force.
Thats it for now! Stay tuned for at least weekly updates! And if you have comments on how to improve anything, please let me know

Additionally, I realize that the formatting is currently a little bland. I'm working on sprucing it up a bit!